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What is it?

KY Home Performance (KHP) helps Kentucky homeowners save money and energy while improving the comfort of their homes.

  • Do you have high energy bills?
  • Is your heating and cooling system not keeping your home comfortable?
  • Does your home have drafty windows and doors?

Installing replacement windows, new heating or air conditioning equipment, or adding more insulation may improve your home’s energy performance. But if you want to optimize your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and substantially lower your utility bills, the way to get the best results is with the comprehensive, "whole-house approach" offered by KY Home Performance.


Benefits of KY Home Performance

  • Average savings of 20 percent or more on utility bills (based on whole-house improvements).
  • Fewer drafts, greater comfort, and a healthier environment year-round.
  • Confidence in working with KY Home Performance because your upgrades will be performed by specially-trained professionals.
  • Energy-efficiency improvements are a solid investment in your home’s value today, and the payback gets better with every utility rate increase.

KHP is proud and excited to offer easy-access financing options to make energy-efficient improvements, including new mechanicals and equipment for your single-family home!

To get started, find a KHP-approved contractor who services your county on our interactive map.

KHP contractors are specially trained in energy-efficient measures and installation techniques. They will conduct an evaluation of your home, identify a scope of work to help make your home more energy efficient and comfortable, and guide you through the financing process.

For more information call 877-282-9448